Many have stated that the MBIFF has the best film line up in the World. And we like to believe that to be true. Sporting a panal of 7 judges from all walks of life. This is kind of a trade mark of the MBIFF. While many festivals have only filmmakers on their panel, we have a very occupational diverse panel, which we believe is the reason that we continually are told; "You have the best film line up" Bottom line, if the film is great! It gets in!

Networking,  Forums , Food and Events all take place in April with the beautiful backdrop of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The MBIFF provides a great setting for meeting you next collaborative partner or a possible distribution deal. Most every filmmaker arrives with there film along with film industry and plenty of film enthusiast April weather is about as close to California perfect weather as you can get without being in Santa Barbara!

The MBIFF's founder and director has a mission and goal. Make art accessible to all! His belief that "No one should be barred access to art due to financial constraints" Can this be a problem, just ask his fiance Heather.  Stubborn and persistent he will not stop.  "Art and exposure to art opens up wonderful area's of the brain, and this needs to be stimulated as much as possible.. Art makes the World a very livable place, without it, whats to point!" Jerry Dalton. Click the help button to see how you can help in this endeavor


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